The Injured Military Wildlife Project of ND (IMWP) is a group of citizens who provide deer hunting opportunities to military personnel who have been injured in the line of duty. The IMWP provides injured service members a chance to continue hunting as they once did. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will issues up to ten deer licenses to be used by these heroes. The IMWP will assist by providing lodging, meals, a place to hunt, and actual assistance before, during, and after the hunt.

The IMWP was the brainchild of Glenn Gietzen. Gietzen asked then state Representative Shirley Meyer to introduce legislation that would provide four deer licenses to our organization. The licenses were good for any deer statewide from the opening of the youth deer season, usually about September 20th, until the close of the deer bow season, the first Sunday in January. The 2013 ND Legislature passed legislation that would allow six additional whitetail deer only tags to be utilized by the IMWP and the season was expanded to run during the deer bow season, usually from the first weekend in September through the first weekend in January.   

Many injured vets no longer have the physical attributes nor can they make the connections necessary for a successful deer hunt. The IMWP is hoping to change that. In the fall of 2011, our inaugural season, two injured vets were able to participate in deer hunts in western ND. In 2012, four young men had a chance to hunt deer and it has continued to grow each year since.  In 2014, six injured vets enjoyed a hunt with our organization. Then in 2016, IMWP was able to fill all 10 tags for the first time!